120 Eglinton Business Centre, 120 Eglinton Avenue

The best value in mid-town Toronto

Conducting your business from 120 Eglinton frees you from a lot of time-draining administration and one affordable monthly payment covers a long list of expenses.

Quality address, quality premises, quality services.
And affordable? It’s not too good to be true. If you’ve already priced downtown Toronto office space, our rates will be a pleasant shock. And a relief. We’re confident our rates are the city core’s most competitive, and that 120 Eglinton has the best-value office space in Toronto.

Get out from under the overhead.
One affordable monthly payment covers a long list of expenses:

We pay the taxes
Realty & municipal taxes

We pay the insurance
We pay the building insurance.

Internet access covered
We manage internet & telephony needs.

Cleaning & Maintenance
After hours cleaning; 24/7 maintenance.

Many Utilities Covered
Heat, electricity, water

Salaries Covered
Real receptionists are part of the package.

24/7 Security
Cameras, secure facilities, and more.

How can we help?

Let us know what you need

Call us at 1-416-322-7966, and we’ll be happy to surprise you with the affordability of a 120 Eglinton address—and with our flexibility in providing your ideal Toronto office space, and creating your ideal rental plan.